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New Commissioner process
Following the resignation of John Dalli as... (added 2012-11-16)

'Standardisation Regulation'
Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 ’establishes rules with... (added 2012-11-16)

Victim support
The ’Victims of Crime Directive’ has been published... (added 2012-11-16)

Cohesion Fund
The Annual Report on the Cohesion Fund for 2011 has... (added 2012-11-16)

In its Communication ’Implementation and development... (added 2012-11-16)

Automotive industry
The Commission has adopted ’CARS 2020: Action Plan... (added 2012-11-16)

The ’Energy Efficiency Directive’ is now available on... (added 2012-11-16)

... (added 2012-10-30)

CWP 2013
The European Commission Work Programme (CWP)... (added 2012-10-30)

A proposal for a Council Decision ’authorising enhanced... (added 2012-10-30)

COM(2012) 596 is the Communication ’Towards a... (added 2012-10-30)

Consumer safety
The Global Recalls Portal aims to enable national... (added 2012-10-30)

Regional Eurobarometer
’Flash Eurobarometer 356’ is the first Eurobarometer... (added 2012-10-30)

Inland waterways
The European Commission has issued guidelines... (added 2012-10-30)

A draft Directive issued as COM(2012) 595 seeks... (added 2012-10-17)

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