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EU News - Agriculture, rural development

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CAP reform
The Council has adopted a set of amendments to... (added 2012-07-15)

Organic logo
From 1 July, the ’Euro-leaf’ organic logo is mandatory... (added 2012-07-02)

ECN report
A report from the European Competition Network (ECN)... (added 2012-06-03)

Animal welfare
Parliament’s Agriculture Committee has called for... (added 2012-05-15)

Fruit juice
The Council has approved new rules aimed at further... (added 2012-03-09)

The European Commission has proposed action in three... (added 2012-03-09)

Organic trade
From 1 June 2012, organic products certified in the EU... (added 2012-02-24)

Organic wine
A new Regulation on organic wine will allow EU wine... (added 2012-02-13)

’A partnership between Europe and Farmers’
The European Commission has launched the CAP@50... (added 2012-01-26)

MEPs have approved a new Regulation ’concerning the... (added 2012-01-26)

Animal welfare
A Communication ’on the European Union Strategy for... (added 2012-01-26)

Animal welfare
COM(2011) 700 is a Commission Report ’on the impact... (added 2012-01-15)

Milk prices
Dairy farmers could get a boost to their bargaining power... (added 2011-12-07)

Agriculture and fishery statistics
Eurostat’s ’Agriculture and fishery statistics... (added 2011-11-18)

Animal welfare
Over 35 million animals are transported between Member... (added 2011-11-18)