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EU News - Information society

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Cloud computing
In its Communication ’Unleashing the potential of cloud... (added 2012-10-02)

On 6 September, the European GNSS Agency... (added 2012-09-18)

Radio spectrum
In its Communication ’Promoting the shared use of... (added 2012-09-18)

Cyber security
A consultation on ’cyber security’ seeks the views... (added 2012-07-30)

Net neutrality
A public consultation on net neutrality addresses... (added 2012-07-30)

Roaming Regulation
Under Regulation 531/2012 (the amended Roaming... (added 2012-07-02)

Also at the Digital Agenda Assembly, the European... (added 2012-07-02)

Europeana apps
The ’Hack4Europe 2012’ competition invited... (added 2012-07-02)

Telecomms market
The report ’Telecommunication Market and Regulatory... (added 2012-07-02)

Roaming Regulation
The Council has adopted a Regulation on roaming on... (added 2012-06-04)

Digital Single Market
The Competitiveness Council has adopted Conclusions... (added 2012-06-04)

State aid
3 September is the deadline for a public consultation... (added 2012-06-04)

Roaming Regulation
From 1 July 2012, Regulation (EC) 717/2007 (the... (added 2012-05-15)

Audiovisual Media Service Directive
COM(2012) 203 is the Commission’s First Report on... (added 2012-05-09)

Online safety
In the ’European Strategy for a Better Internet for... (added 2012-05-09)