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New Commissioner process
Following the resignation of John Dalli as... (added 2012-11-16)

CWP 2013
The European Commission Work Programme (CWP)... (added 2012-10-30)

Peace Prize
On 12 October, the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was... (added 2012-10-15)

State of the Union
On 12 September, José Manuel Barroso presented his... (added 2012-09-18)

Council turns 60
To mark its 60th anniversary, the Council... (added 2012-09-18)

Political funding
A Draft Regulation ’on the statute and funding... (added 2012-09-18)

On 6 September, the European GNSS Agency... (added 2012-09-18)

European Council priorities
The European Council has issued a summary of its... (added 2012-07-30)

National Parliaments, subsidiarity, proportionality
The European Commission has its seventh annual... (added 2012-07-15)

Foreign policy
MEPs on the Foreign Affairs committee have called... (added 2012-07-15)

e-book Treaties
The Council has published e-book versions of the... (added 2012-07-02)

Civil service principles
The European Ombudsman has set out five public service... (added 2012-07-02)

Representatives of the European Parliament, the... (added 2012-06-14)

Parliament's powers
The European Parliament’s website, Europarl, now has... (added 2012-05-09)

9 May
The European Commission is marking Europe Day (also... (added 2012-05-09)