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Andorra, Monaco, San Marino
The European Commission had adopted a... (added 2012-11-26)

The 2011 ’Annual Report on financial assistance... (added 2012-11-26)

Teaching key competences
The Eurydice report ’Developing key competences... (added 2012-11-26)

Patient safety
In its Report (COM(2012) 658) on implementation... (added 2012-11-26)

Water scarcity and drought
In its report (COM(2012) 672) on the... (added 2012-11-26)

'Gender Balance Directive'
The text of the proposed 'Gender Balance... (added 2012-11-26)

’Marine Directive’
COM(2012) 662 is a Commission report on the... (added 2012-11-26)

Year of Citizens
2013 has officially been declared ’European Year of... (added 2012-11-26)

Rethinking Education
In ’Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better... (added 2012-11-26)

Cheating in sport Convention
COM(2012) 655 is a Recommendation for a Council... (added 2012-11-16)

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug... (added 2012-11-16)

'Gender Balance Directive'
The European Commission has adopted a draft... (added 2012-11-16)

Language teaching
The 174-page Eurydice report ’Key Data on Teaching... (added 2012-11-16)

Innovation Scoreboard
Covering 190 regions across the EU, Croatia, Norway... (added 2012-11-16)

Water policy
COM(2012) 673 is the Communication ’A Blueprint to... (added 2012-11-16)

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